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The Panther stun gun is a tried and true stun gun that has been around for many years and has become known for being reliable with a sturdy and durable design. Panther stun guns deliver a powerful non-lethal electrical current that shocks and stuns any would be assailant, allowing the user to escape.

Delivers maximum stopping power
Reliable backup for police or security officers
Renders the attacker immobilized and lethargic
Ideal non lethal alternative to owning a gun

Stun Guns


pepper spray

Mace 10% PepperGard, Pocket Model Pepper Spray. 15 gram unit sprays 6-12 feet

Only $12.95

stun baton

500,000 volt Stun Baton

Panther 11" Mini Stun Baton - 500,000 Volts. Our most powerful and most popular stun baton.

Only $44.95


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All Panther and Black Cobra Stun Guns come with a 1 year warranty.

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Purchases may be returned within 30 days of purchase and must be returned in new condition with original packing material. Return shipping charges are the customers responsibility. If there is a defect or a mistake was made on our part, will pay the return shipping.

How Stun Guns Work

The basic idea of stun guns is to disrupt the bodies communication system. Stun guns generate a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical charge. In simple terms, this means that the charge has a lot of pressure behind it, but not that much intensity. When you press the stun gun against an attacker and hold the trigger, the charge passes into the attacker's body. Since it has a fairly high voltage, the charge will pass through heavy clothing and skin. But at around 3 milliamps, the charge is not intense enough to damage the attacker's body unless it is applied for extended periods of time.

It does dump a lot of confusing information into the attacker's nervous system, however. This causes a couple of things to happen:

The charge combines with the electrical signals from the attacker's brain. This is like running an outside current into a phone line: The original signal is mixed in with random noise, making it very difficult to decipher any messages. When these lines of communication go down, the attacker has a very hard time telling his muscles to move, and he may become confused and unbalanced. He is partially paralyzed, temporarily.

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